WMRW's Mission & Objectives

The mission of WMRW-LP is :

To inform, entertain, involve, and connect the diverse community of the Mad River Valley, with non commercial, volunteer radio programming

Our Objectives Are:

1) To establish and nurture WMRW as a 100 Watt LPFM broadcasting facility which will serve, in accordance with Federal Communications Commission Rules and Regulations, the public interest, convenience, and necessity.

2) To broadcast sounds and ideas that are not generally available in other media; to serve our community with distinctly non commercial1, diverse programming that does not necessarily attempt to imitate other commercial and public radio formats.

3) To observe the principles outlined in the Fairness Doctrine2.

4)  To facilitate respectful, constructive interaction and communication on all topics, through: live and taped interviews, field recordings, talk shows, discussions, debates, music, drama, and more.

5) To provide the easiest possible access to our airwaves, to the most people within the community, with the least interference.3

Core values of WMRW include the  following :

1) Equal Access to the Airwaves by individuals is essential for the preservation of our right of free speech.

2) A well functioning democracy needs an informed citizenry. ,

3) Justice for all, is furthered by the broad dissemination of information and knowledge.

All Volunteer...All Community

WMRW is an all-volunteer community effort. Unfortunately that means that some details (such as our webpage) get neglected while our attention focuses on the most essential items. "Most essential" means keeping the station broadcasting over the fm airwaves at 94.5 fm, and over the internet (for computers, internet radios and cell phones), at wmrw.org. So here, finally,  is a belated update on our doings....

During 2011, WMRW has continued to percolate with local talent from central Vermont and beyond, producing many original homegrown shows, plus our usual mix of impromptu events and conversations.

A licensee of Rootswork, WMRW is located on the second floor of the East Warren Schoolhouse at the corner of the Roxbury Mountain Gap and the East Warren Rd. To find out more, please call 496-4951, email us or visit WMRW.org and discover how you can get involved with the Mad River Valley’s only non-commercial radio station: WMRW; "independent as a hog on ice".


On 2/10/2010 at 2:10 PM 
The WMRW 2010 "Hear it if You Can" fundraiser kick off.
WMRW began it's stream to the World!

,,,and yes, it was true! Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Patti Smith
did grace our airwaves on the 10th of February,with Oliver Ray
(host of “Either/Or” 2pm to 4pm on Wednesdays)
who interviewed his former band mate during his show.

Listen to the podcast of the interview.......

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